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Forklift Repair & Servicing

We provide the convenience of onsite repair services. Let us help minimize the downtime by coming to you. Our team can perform most repairs and services onsite.


Welding & Fabrication

We are outfitted with all the equipment required for most jobs. Our equipment is fully mobile so or technicians come directly to your jobsite.


Hydraulic Hose Repair & Fabrication

Our trained technicians can cut, assemble, crimp and test almost any type, quantity or length of hose you need. We offer onsite hydraulic hose repair services to minimize your downtime and save you from having to travel.


Construction Equipment Repair

Our trained technicians can diagnose and repair all your construction equipment needs. Let Elite Fleet Services handle those complicated repairs for you from engine repair, hydraulic repair, track replacement, teeth replacement, bucket or blade repair.

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Construction Equipment Repair

Construction Equipment Repair in Progress - Elite Fleet Service

We Repair All Makes, Models and Sizes

Elite Fleet Services has the technicians to diagnose and repair all your construction equipment needs. At Elite Fleet Service we are very aware time is money and with our infield service technicians coming directly to you that’s half the battle saving you costly time and money of loading and hauling your equipment for repair. Our Service vehicle’s carry the most up to date service equipment for your engine repairs, Hydraulic repair and service, Computerized diagnostics, Welding and plasma cutting.

Elite Fleet Services knows repairs can be a big headache at times and almost impossible to get to when your equipment breaks down with a fully loaded Service vehicle as a locally owned company, we know the terrain you work in very well and we carry the equipment to work within that terrain so we are able to get equipment and parts in and out of those hard-to-reach places with our specialized Polaris 4×4 all-terrain vehicles just another unique service we add to help cut cost of repairs.

Efficient & Affordable Onsite Repair Services

The most effective way to save on repair costs is with Elite Fleet Services Preventative maintenance service plan where our technicians stop in once a month to inspect the equipment listed on your plan for potential mechanical issues, metal fatigue, hydraulic hose deterioration, loose assemblies and leaks all filed into an equipment report emailed to you for you to schedule time for repairs before it happens. Contact us for more information on this service to help your company stay moving forward.

Elite Fleet Services can even help you with TIRE PRESSING that’s correct we can press your solid rubber tires right here on Kauai for our Garden Island customers. No need to ship them out to be done we can do it right here with our 150-ton DAKE press where we can handle up to a 36” outside diameter tire which now saves you money avoiding shipping costs. Please contact us for current pricing

Let Elite Fleet Services handle those complicated repairs for you from engine repair, hydraulic repair, track replacement, teeth replacement, bucket or blade repair, welding repair we cover all brands of equipment from: 

  • Backhoes
  • Skid Steers
  • Excavators (Including Mini)
  • Trenchers
  • Light Towers
  • Dozers
  • Articulated Loaders
  • Compactors
  • Tuggers
  • Tractors
  • Hydro Seeders
  • Graders
  • And More…

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No matter where on Hawaii’s major islands you’re located, our mobile lift repair facilities make it fast and easy for our team of repair technicians to service your equipment!

Want to learn more, or need equipment repair services at your location? Contact us today and our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Why choose Elite Fleet Services for  your lift repair services?


We're There When You Need Us

Our mobile services keep your equipment in service – even in emergency situations


Easy to Contact

We are only a call away and are ready to help with any need


Fully licensed & Insured

You are in good hands with Elite Fleet Services


Expert Technicians

We expertly service and repair all makes and models of equipment


10+ Years Serving Kauai and now ALL major Hawaiian Islands

Our team of experienced and skilled technicians have years of experience working with today’s most common equipment